Ticket Scopes

The ticket model has also a list of scopes to begin filter with.

Method Arguments Description Example
closed void get the closed tickets Ticket::closed()->get()
opened void get the opened tickets Ticket::opened()->get()
resolved void get the resolved tickets Ticket::resolved()->get()
locked void get the locked tickets Ticket::locked()->get()
unlocked void get the unlocked tickets Ticket::unlocked()->get()
withLowPriority void get the low priority tickets Ticket::withLowPriority()->get()
withNormalPriority void get the normal priority tickets Ticket::withNormalPriority()->get()
withHighPriority void get the high priority tickets Ticket::withHighPriority()->get()
withPriority string $priority get the withPriority tickets Ticket::withPriority('critical')->get()

Category & Label Scopes

Method Arguments Description Example
visible void get the visible model records Label::visible()->get()
hidden void get the hidden model records Category::visible()->get()

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