Handling File Uploads

This package doesn't come with file upload feature (yet) Instead you can use laravel-medialibrary by Spatie, to handle file functionality.

The steps are pretty straight forward, all what you need to do is the following.

Extends the Ticket model, by creating a new model file in your application by

1php artisan make:model Ticket

Then extend the base Ticket Model, then use InteractWithMedia trait by spatie package, and the interface HasMedia:

1namespace App\Models\Ticket;
2use Spatie\MediaLibrary\HasMedia;
3use Spatie\MediaLibrary\InteractsWithMedia;
5class Ticket extends \Coderflex\LaravelTicket\Models\Ticket implements HasMedia
7 use InteractsWithMedia;

The rest of the implementation, head to the docs of spatie package to know more.

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