CSV Component

Using this package is a breeze. To implmenent the importer in your project, simply include the following component inside a Blade view.

1<livewire:csv-importer :model="App\Models\YourModel::class"
2 :columns-to-map="['id', 'name', 'email', 'password']"
3 :required-columns="['id', 'name', 'email']"
4 :columns-label="[
5 'id' => 'ID',
6 'name' => 'Name',
7 'email' => 'Email Address',
8 'password' => 'Password',
9 ]"/>
Props Type Description
model string Fully qualified name of the model you wish to import to
columns-to-map array Column names in the target database table
required-columns array Columns that are required by validation for import
columns-label array Display labels for the required columns

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