Publish and run the migrations with:

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag="csv-migrations"
2php artisan migrate

Publish the config file with:

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag="csv-config"

The following is the contents of the published config file:

2return [
4 /*
5 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
6 | Default Layout
7 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
8 |
9 | This package plans on supporting multiple CSS frameworks.
10 | Currently, 'tailwindcss' is the default and only supported framework.
11 |
12 */
13 'layout' => 'tailwindcss',
15 /*
16 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
17 | Max Upload File Size
18 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
19 |
20 | The default maximumum file size that can be imported by this
21 | package is 20MB. If you wish to increase/decrease this value,
22 | change the value in KB below.
23 |
24 */
25 'file_upload_size' => 20000,

The layout option is for choosing which CSS framework you are using and currently supports only tailwindcss. We are working on other CSS frameworks to implement in the future.

The file_upload_size is for validation rules, and it defines the maximum file size of uploaded files. You may also define this value from the livewire config file.

Optionally, you can publish the views using

1php artisan vendor:publish --tag="csv-views"

Before Using this command, please take a look at this section below.

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