Fetch The Records

Get The Records With Popular Time Frames

After the visits get logged, you can retrieve the data by the following method:

withTotalVisitCount() void get total visit count Post::withTotalVisitCount()->first()->visit_count_total
popularAllTime() void get popular visits all time Post::popularAllTime()->get()
popularToday() void get popular visits in the current day Post::popularToday()->get()
popularLastDays() int $days get popular visits last given days Post::popularLastDays(10)->get()
popularThisWeek() void get popular visits this week Post::popularThisWeek()->get()
popularLastWeek() void get popular visits last week Post::popularLastWeek()->get()
popularThisMonth() void get popular visits this month Post::popularThisMonth()->get()
popularLastMonth() void get popular visits last month Post::popularLastMonth()->get()
popularThisYear() void get popular visits this year Post::popularThisYear()->get()
popularLastYear() void get popular visits last year Post::popularLastYear()->get()
popularBetween() Carbon $from, Carbon $to get popular visits between custom two dates Post::popularBetween(Carbon::createFromDate(2019, 1, 9), Carbon::createFromDat(2022, 1, 3))->get();

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