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Resolve Laravel Error: Could Not Verify Hashed Value's Configuration

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Laravel Error: "Could not verify the hashed value's configuration"

If you encounter the error message "Could not verify the hashed value's configuration" in Laravel, it indicates a mismatch or issue with the hashed password configuration, often occurring in the context of database seeding or testing.


To resolve this issue, ensure that the hashed password in your UserFactory is generated using Laravel's Hash::make method, or bcrypt Replace the current hard-coded hash ID password with the following code:

1use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Hash;
3// ...
6 * Define the model's default state.
7 *
8 * @return array<string, mixed>
9 */
10public function definition(): array
12 return [
13 'name' => fake()->name(),
14 'email' => fake()->unique()->safeEmail(),
15 'password' => '$2y$10$92IXUNpkjO0rOQ5byMi.Ye4oKoEa3Ro9llC/.og/at2.uheWG/igi',
16 'password' => Hash::make('password'),
17 // other user attributes...
18 ];
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