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Faster way to check Laravel component existence

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If you want to check the existence of a component, for whatever reason, you may use livewireComponentsFinder class to achieve it.

To access livewireComponentsFinder methods, do the following:


Then, we need to access the livewire manifest (the cached livewire components):


it returns an array of components, something like:

1array:1 [
2 'slug-generator' => "App\Http\Livewire\SlugGenerator",

All we need, is to search against the given array:

1$manifest = app(LivewireComponentsFinder::class)->getManifest();
3return (bool) array_search(SlugGenerator::class, $manifest); // return boolean

If we want to use it as a global function, we may need to make it works globally,

2 * Check if the livewire component exists or not
3 *
4 * @param object|string $component
5 * @return bool
6 */
7function lw_component_exists(object|string $component): bool {
8 $manifest = app(LivewireComponentsFinder::class)->getManifest();
10 if ($component instanceof Livewire) {
11 return (bool) array_search($component, $manifest);
12 }
14 if (is_string($component)) {
15 return (bool) array_key_exists($component, $manifest);
16 }
18 return false;

We check, if the given component is an object type (class), or a string, based on that, we search for the key or the value.


Since the component manifest will be deleted in the upcoming version of livewire (V3), I found another way to the same trick with another methods, which is the following:

1use Livewire\Livewire;
3function lw_component_exists(string $component): bool {
4 try {
5 Livewire::getClass($component);
7 return true;
8 } catch(\Throwable $th) {
9 return false;
10 }

It's simply getting the class name, and if it's not existed, it simply throws a ComponentNotFoundException, and you may deal with it however you like.

That's all ;)

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