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Count Models and Get Detailed Analytics With Laravisit Package

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    Laravisit by @ousid is a package to keep track of your pages & understand your audience, by providing a helpful API methods, easy to implement, and easy to use.


    You need to know the following:

    • Need to know PHP
    • Basics on Laravel & the artisan command Laravel
    • Basics on composer [Composer][https://getcomposer.org]

    Why this package?

    If you want to keep track of your pages visits, and understand your audience (users), this package is built for you, to save you time and make your development experience simpler.


    You can install the package via composer:

    1composer require coderflexx/laravisit

    You can publish the config file with:

    1vendor:publish --provider="Coderflex\\Laravisit\\LaravisitServiceProvider"

    then, run database migration

    1php artisan migrate

    This is the contents of the published config file:

    1return [
    2 /*
    3 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
    4 | User Namespace
    5 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
    6 |
    7 | This value informs Laravist which namespace you will be
    8 | selecting to get the user model instance
    9 | If this value equals to null, "\Coderflex\Laravisit\Models\User" will be used
    10 | by default.
    11 |
    12 */
    13 'user_namespace' => "\Coderflex\Laravisit\Models\User",


    See more details and use cases on the package docs page.


    You can follow the changes on this package by accessing the changelog or the releases


    If you want to contribute, feel free to read the CONTRIBUTING guidelines, and make your PR


    Today we s learned about Laravisit package, and how to use it. To make our development process easier and save us time.

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